Why a blog?

Although I do read other people’s blogs occasionally, I never imagined starting one of my own.  My first thought would be, “who, on earth would want to read what I have to say?” For my birthday, my son, Steve and his lovely girlfriend, Caroline set up this site for me to begin writing.  I chose the title, “Generations” because in the last year after my father’s passing I have become deeply interested in so much of his research.  I discovered downstairs in the basement of my parent’s home, a file that contained all the letters my Dad had received from me, as well as his grandchildren over the last fifty or so years.  At my new school, Crockerfarm Elementary I can remember being placed in a special creative writing program in the third grade.  I believe I was able to continue in that program until I started playing flute in the school band.

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At the time this letter was written, I was in Germany with my Mom and younger brother, Mark.  We had just learned that our family would be moving from Pittsburg, Pa. to Amherst, Mass. where my Dad had just accepted the position of Town Engineer.

I intend to use this blog to open a glimpse into the past, share musical and familial experiences, and offer examples of my own secrets to raising four amazing children.

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